Where can and should GEMINI next Generation be built?

Using existing land better and building where conventional houses cannot or are not allowed is an important objective of the GEMINI next Generation project.

  More on a property

With the new Salzburg housing subsidy, the subsidy will be gradually reduced from a property size of 550 square meters, from 800 square meters there will be no more subsidy. If I take a look at the property offers, most of them are unsuitable for the Salzburg housing subsidy because they are too large. Mostly so big that you could get 2 pieces of GEMINI next Generation on it.

  Lease a grandchild property

My grandson will build here one day, he will go to kindergarten next year. Why should this property remain unused for 2 decades? GEMINI next Generation houses can already be transported with a B+E driver's license, and a car with a trailer suitable for 3.5 tons trailer load.

For example, a lease agreement could be concluded in order to erect GEMINI next Generation houses there until the owner needs it.

  Floodplain Red Zone

There are 2 ways to make GEMINI next Generation fit for a flood area:

  • Each of the 6 segments of a GEMINI next Generation has a steel frame of 160 mm IPE profiles and stands on supports. The house could be raised to 1 to 2 m with longer extendable supports.
  • Weight and footprint of the house lead to only 30 cm draught. Make the area of the 25 cm thick floor insulation waterproof and glue 25 cm EPS panels on the bottom, and the GEMINI next Generation House becomes a houseboat during a flood.
Enough EPS plates to make the house floatable only cost around 2.000 EUR. A bargain, if therefore the property costs perhaps instead of 500 only 100 EUR per square meter
GEMINI next Generation - energy + food + living comfort GEMINI next Generation - energy + food + living comfort
What can housing cost? Where can you build? How much Energy should a house produce? How much building material is needed? GEMINI n.G. is looking for completely new answers to these questions.

Prehistory of the GEMINI next Generation project
It started in autumn 1991 with the GEMINI habitable solar power plant, 2011 with the initiative Solar Building Land and 2018 with GEMINI 66 - we build our house ourselves.

How much energy should a house generate?
As much as possible! Because we need to get out of oil, coal, biofuel, natural gas and uranium. Our houses should contribute as much as possible.

Project GEMINI next Generation 2019 Project GEMINI next Generation 2019
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Project GEMINI next Generation 2020 Project GEMINI next Generation 2020
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Project GEMINI next Generation 2021
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Electricity yield converted into rapeseed Electricity yield converted into rapeseed
There is no form of energy as ridiculous as biofuel. We must not count them as renewable energy because the yield has nothing to do with the requirements.

Unken - 2300 m² leasehold land for 5 houses Unken - 2300 m² leasehold land for 5 houses
The first model settlement of GEMINI next Generation houses could be erected on a leasehold site of the municipality of Unken. Download GEMINI next Generation in Unken.PDF